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35/35 - wow!

I can't believe it's finally my turn to say I've hit the big 35/35!  Yikes! So much to do, so little time. Smile


Congrats Mystjava on being 35/35 today too!



Re: 35/35 - wow!

  • WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!  You are getting so close!!!!
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  • Congratulations to you both! I am so excited for you to find out who is in there :-)
  • imageDuchess1:
    Congratulations to you both! I am so excited for you to find out who is in there :-)

    Me too! lol!  I'm pretty convinced it's a girl and K has taken to calling it 'she' as well.  I try my best to throw out a 'he' or 'him' now and again just to balance things. Stick out tongue


  • It's bad enough that I want another ultrasound to verify that we're having a boy! Congrats to both of us!  We've made it this far and so sooon.. we'll be seeing our little ones in our arms!  Wow! 

    AFM: I am still amazed at this because at this time next week - I will have surpass my mom's expectations -- She had given birth to prematures (all five of her kids - only three of us are here on earth.) three times (2 singletons and a set of triplets).  When I passed the 24th week - I was happy.  I was thrilled when I hit the 29th week -- and now I am just "awwed" at where I am today.  I am thinking to myself - I seriously believe I am going to carry my boy full term! I love it! I am so happy with this pregnancy!

    Now - Mikhail Hunter - I need you to move into the vertex position - head down - NOT transverse lie position that you are currently in! If you don't listen, I am going to ask the doctor about doing an ECV.  

    ((Hugs to everyone today! Just because I feel good!))  (Especially to the foster moms.. I feel you guys deserve a special hug today - thank you for your love and support for the kids!)  

  • Congrats! Your little one will be here before you know it.


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  • Congrats 35/35 - ers!!!
  • yay! congratulations! Big Smile
  • UGH!!  Rotten appointment today.. it had left me sad and weepy (at home of course - not while I was driving and trying to process the information!)... 

    Mikhail is now BREECH! He's butt down - head up at the moment.  I really don't know what to do! I will have another growth ultrasound next week for two reasons - 1) Breech?  2) How big is he now?  

    She's (doc) worried that I might be growing a huge boy inside of me.  Her and my partner are concern that Mikhail is going to be too big for me to deliver "vag-ulaly" so I'm feeling crushed about it.   I'm okay about having a c-section, but I have my heart set on doing it as natural as possible.  @ my last appointment two weeks ago, the fundal (not sure of the spelling) height was 35 and today it was 39!  Two weeks ago - he was transverse breech and now it's butt down - head up breech.. I'm just rambling... sorry.. I really need a spot to vent and just get it off my chest..  

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