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Teething Tablets

I just gave D his first one, he thought it was hilarious. He kept sticking his tongue out at me and then there was instant silence. Why oh why did I wait so long to try these magic pills.

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  • DS likes them too.
  • So cute!  My DD never really cared for them - she took them, but was 'blah' about it.  But it seems like those tablets help so many babies with teething!
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  • which kind do you use? Zoe already has 2 teeth, but more are coming soon. . ..she's drooling, fussy, and chewing a ton. Orajel helps a bit.
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  • we use the hylands ones, and henry likes them a lot too. i have to be careful not to let him put them in his own mouth though or they'll dissolve on the way!
  • I used the Hyland's.
  • Hyland's are great!! Jocelyn didn't care for them at first but now she will eat them up. I put them in my hand and she pops them in her mouth one by one!! I feel like they work, but Motrin still has been our go to for bedtime when teething.



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  • we love hylands teething tablets and they are like crack for jack...we call them his candies and if i shake the bottle ( i feel like he's a cat with catnip) he goes crazy and they seem to help him.
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