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Happy Thursday. Seeing anyone else has been facing the slow RSVP phenomenon.  I usually RSVP the second I get an invite.  For my shower, I have about 7 close friends that haven't RSVPed yet and the deadline is this weekend.  Seeing if anyone else faced this in RSVP land.  Thanks!
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Re: Slow RSVPs

  • Some people won't RSVP at all. I guess a lot of people think that if they are close enough to you, you will assume they are coming and therefore are not required to RSVP.
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  • sadly - that's the norm these days.  someone may have to follow up with the friends BUT wait until after the deadline to do so. 
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  • We had many people that never rsvp'd.  Its aggravating as hell, but something you just have to deal with

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  • If you're close to them, just call or email and ask.  Better than stressing about it.
  • Thanks all for your advice.  Think my shower hostesses are going to do call downs this weekend.  So, hopefully it won't be just me and my Mom as a shower guest (just kidding by the way).
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  • I think you are in the minority & so am I when it comes to quick RSVPs when we receive an invite.  I have planned many showers & lots of people just don't RSVP period.  It's weird to me.  But to answer your question hardly anyone has RSVP'd to my shower so far.

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  • I threw a shower two weekends ago and out of 55 invitees, we only had 20 RSVP. There were 15-20 no shows which really ticked me off since we had prepared food, favors, etc. as if they were all coming. It really isn't that hard to call/email people! Angry
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  • Nobody has rsvp'd to my shower which is next weekend.  I had a few friends say they're coming, and my mil and one sil, but that's it.As my sister told me though, people just don't rsvp anymore.  It really stinks!  BTW, I had a dream it was just me and my sister at my shower.  LOL 
  • I always RSVP right away otherwise I will forget. When I gave the list of addresses and names to the host of my shower I made sure to include the phone numbers. I know my sister called a few people who had not responded prior to the RSVP date on the invite. They were only a few people who didn't respond thankfully
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  • Yes!  I am throwing my friend's shower which is in 2 wks and I have only had 2 rsvp's out of about 35.  I don't know what people are waiting for!
  • Whew! I'm glad I'm not the only one experiencing this:( I'm hosting a shower in 2 weeks and have only gotten a few rsvps. Stinks when you're the hostess b/c you're the one paying for everyone, and to not have an accurate head count for food and drinks, etc., is super annoying!
  • Some people just don't know what RSVP means or they are just disrespectful of other people's time and money.  If your shower is this week-end I would have called the non-RSVP'ers by now.  What was the deadline for RSVPing?  Your hostess will want to know how many to plan for...chairs, food, etc.
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