Trying to Get Pregnant

This site is great (newbie here)

I am new to this site and think it is great. This is my first post I have been reading for the last two weeks and WOW how addictive. My hubby told me two months ago he wanted to have another baby I was blown away we have two 12 and 6 and for the last 5yrs he didn't want any more. I am obsessing about the whole process excited and cautious. My first 2 I had cerclage, and delivered both at 34 weeks.  They weren't planned, so the ttc part was skipped. We just started ttc on my Feb cycle but gosh its only been 3wks and it feels like 6 months. Sorry I wrote so much but we haven't told anyone yet and I needed someone to tell it to.

Re: This site is great (newbie here)

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