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Pray for Kimberly to pee, please!

What an odd request, huh?  She's been throwing up all day, and we just got home from the doctor with some zofran.  The nurse will be calling us at 6 to see if she's stopped vomiting and if she has gone pee (she hasn't been all day).  If she hasn't been to the bathroom, then there is a good chance we'll be sent to the ER and possibly admitted to rehydrate her.  Please pray we don't have to do that!

Re: Pray for Kimberly to pee, please!

  • ::pee dust::

    oh wait, that kind of sounds like powdered pee...

    Anyway, hope you don't wind up in the ER & that Kimberly is all better soon!?


  • I hope you guys don't end up in the ER tonight!  I pray Kimberly feels better soon! 
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  • Lots of prayers for you guys! 
  • Hope she's alright and doesn't need to go to the ER for fluid!
  • Zofran is a miracle drug!  It has saved us a trip to the ER tonight.  I can tell its starting to wear off because she's telling me her belly hurts again.  But, we're only 20 min away from another dose, so hopefully she'll make it through the night on that dose.
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