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Meeting expectant moms in Richmond!

Hi Everyone!

I live in Glen Allen and would love to meet some expectant moms in the area. I'm due in July w. my first little one and think it would be so much fun to know someone who is experiencing this little miracle right along with me!

Re: Meeting expectant moms in Richmond!

  • Hi.. I live in Glen Allen as well.  I'm expecting my second child, a boy, July 2.  What hospital are you planning on delivering at?  We delivered at St. Mary's for our first and are excited to do it again!
  • HI Jennifer!

     I live more in the city of Richmond but may be moving out into the Glen Allen area and am expecting my first in October! I'd LOVE to meet you and hang out.. talk baby!

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  • We're having a boy too! How old is your first? Is your older child excited to have a little brother?

    We're delivering at MCV only bc my husband works there and we only have to pay $10 for the delivery:-) I've heard wonderful things about St. Mary's though. How is your pregnancy going so far?

  • Congratulations to you!!! I'm ALWAYS up for talking baby!  How is your first trimester going? I was absolutely miserable up until  about 14 weeks, then all of a sudden I woke up feeling great! Hopefully, you're one of the lucky few who don't get sick. I go to short pump mall all the time, maybe we can meet for lunch one day?
  • Oh yeah, I'm getting ready to start interviewing some pediatricians in the area. Do you have any recommendations?
  • I'm joining the conversation a little late, but I live in the Lakeside area and would love to meet Richmond area mommies-to-be. We are expecting our first in June. We're have a boy. If anyone would like to get together sometime, just let me know! :)
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