3rd Trimester

Popped blood vessel in eye?

Didnt someone post that they had this? I never had this before and here I am with one this morning.  Did your OB say anything about it?  I go this afternoon... but should I worry about anything?  

Re: Popped blood vessel in eye?

  • Have you been throwing up? This happened to me back in 1st tri with all my m/s. 
  • This just happened to my SIL a couple of days ago because she has VERY high blood pressure (she isn't pregnant).  I'd call your OB and get it checked.
  • I have one from all the coughing I've been doing while sick. They can't do anything for it...it'll go away in a couple days.
  • This can happen randomly, or with any sort of straining (lifting heavy object, sneezing, coughing, constipation, etc).  It will go away on it's own in 1-2 weeks.
  • If our blood vessels are popping now, we'll all look a little rough after pushing that LO out...won't we?

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  • I had this last week from violently throwing up from the stomach flu. . . only other time I've had a broken blood vessel in my eye was from pushing when my son was born.  Doctor said it is nothing to worry about and should clear up in a few days.
  • Could be due to a few things.  High blood pressure can cause the blood vessels in the whites of your eyes to break.  Also, if you're on any blood thinners (aspirin, warfarin, etc.) you are more likely to develop these.  And as OP said, they can break from straining while having a bowel movement or vomiting.  If you have high blood pressure (or suspect you do) let your eye doc or OB know about the bleeding.  Mostly, there is no treatment, but you need to treat the underlying cause (i.e. HBP).  I see this fairly often...I'm an eye doc :)
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