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another CD question

So right now we use a double stuffed BG for overnight and they work really well, minus off and on ammonia smell issues and the crappy velcro.

However, Marion is 24.6 pounds and a tiny bit on the taller side of average and with the two inserts, the diaper is getting too small for her.  Not to mention how crappy the velcro is getting.

I know I want to switch our overnight inserts to the Happy Heinys hemp stuffin.  I have one and I freakin adore it.

Now I'm just looking for a good overnight pocket dipe that's not super expensive and snaps shut.

We have FBs and I love them, but haven't used them overnight.  Are they good overnight dipes?  Should I just stick with the HH pocket?  I would just love to find a good reliable one for under $15 a dipe (but that might be impossible.)

Re: another CD question

  • We have always used FB overnight. We usually either double stuff with microfiber, or do a hemp and microfiber combo stuff. At the same time if you love the HH, stick with what you know. You can always buy one FB and see how it works then invest in more if you like the way they work. Good luck!
  • I love my Rocky Mountain Diapers. They are adjustable in the legs so I don't know if the rise is taller than BG.


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  • We only use FB at night. He's a seriously heavy wetter and the only way he doesn't wake up soaked is in a FB with a doubler.
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  • We always use a double stuffed FB and love them!
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  • We use a doubled stuffed FB at night and have had no leaks.  Since she's currently STTN, she's in her nighttime diaper around 8 hours and when she gets up in the morning the fleece lining feels dry while the inserts are soaking wet.  I'd like to try something else at night to see if works as well but I'm too paranoid to try something else since the FBs work so well for us right now. 


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