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bar in your home and the homestudy...


  Just a kind of silly question.. does anyone have a  bar in their house? how did the SW handle that for the homestudy? was it something they cared about?

  When we bought our house, the basement had a full bar in it, but it was red fake leather. My uncles are cabinet makers, and last year we had them custom build us a beautiful new bar to replace it. Its a full size bar with stools, lots of cabinets, etc. it does hvae alcohol in the cabinets, but we honestly don't use it much... a few times a year maybe when we have friends over... and even then its more just a fun place to hang out. do you think this will be a problem with the homestudy? we had my uncles put locks on every cabinet so when we have kids we'll definitely keep it locked all the time...but i'm worried it will make us look like " lushes" and that they won't beleive it when we tell them we hardly use it LOL its a beautiful bar, and really we just wanted it as a fun place to hang out with our friends and family when they visit. anybody have any experiences?? Thanks!

Re: bar in your home and the homestudy...

  • I don't think it's a problem.  Where I live, it's pretty common for people to install a wet bar as part of a basement remodel, along with TV and game rooms.  Your house is where you entertain!

    We keep a solid supply of alcohol on hand for parties - even though we really don't drink much.  All our SW required was that it be locked up.  I don't have a bar with locking cabinets, so I just bought a simple cabinet with locking doors at Wal-Mart for under $100.  Worked great!

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  • As long as it locks, you should be okay.  We have a bar in the basement, but our SW didn't even go down there.  I know others who have bars and their SWs did see them and it wasn't an issue.

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  • Our SW sat in our DR next to our 2 fully stocked wine tables to write down stuff during our HS. She didn't seem to even notice.
  • I think as long as the alcohol is not accessible then you are fine.  We either had to have it out of reach, or locked.  All of our stuff is in a high cabinet and that was good enough.

    They can't expect everyone to keep a dry home - well - I guess some agencies could, but those would probably be strict on other areas as well 

  • we had to have the liquor locked up. our homestudy was right before Xmas and we had tons of big bottles all ready for the holidays and our SW kept laughing at us! It was not a big deal- they realize that you are adults and can have alcohol in your home.
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  • Just a lurker so hope its ok that I comment...but as  SW understand that we like you are human and enjoy an ocassional drink.  Heck if my clients were to come to my house and check the liquor cabinet and the wine fridge they would probably tell me that I am the one with the problem:)  My point....dont worry about having a bar its fine:)
  • thanks everybody! i figured it wouldn't be a big deal... especially since we thought ahead and had locks put on the cabinets....i know theres a lot worse out there then a few bottles of wine and some beer lol
  • I have a built in wine rack and it was filled with wine. the told me I had to put all of locked away. We also had to put any beer in a separate locked fridge out side. I put empty bottles of Wine in the wine rack its sad but I do have a foster daughter now and when the visit monthly they check.  I think ok for bar not to alcohol.
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