Courtesy is Owed. Respect is Earned. Love is Given. — The Bump
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Courtesy is Owed. Respect is Earned. Love is Given.

"Courtesy is owed. Respect is earned. Love is given.?

After all of todays posts I feel like I want to share what this all comes down to...IMO anyway.

Courtesy is Owed...we owe it to each other to be thoughtful, considerate and polite. If someone is new, we owe it to them to introduce ourselves, try to get to know them. We can let them know the "rules" and maybe let them in on some little tips to help ease them into the group! If someone is starting a new business, we owe it to them to allow them to be beginners and make mistakes without public ridicule. 

Respect is are not entitled to our friendship, business or support. This is earned. If you are not respectful of me, my time, my business, my friends, my will not earn my respect. Just because you have a business license or a website, doesn't mean you are a professional. Any position of respect must be earned....personally or professionally.

 Love is Given...we are an amazing group of women that gives love to people like nobody's business. Whether we've met in person or not, we have wonderful hearts that will open and share when someone is in need. 

 So, all I am saying is....don't come barging in thinking we have to like you or your company. Be polite, be respectful, be nice and if you are in good at what you do...and we'll most likely like you and your company and what to support both.  

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Re: Courtesy is Owed. Respect is Earned. Love is Given.

  • I respect and love you Meredith :)  Well said.
  • Amen.
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  • Hate.



  • Beautifully said!

  • Well said my dear!
  • Couldn't have said it better myself. Thank you.
    Derek 6.30.09 & Parker 4.1.11
  • Perfectly said!
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  • this is awesome meredith.  you rock.
  • Love it!



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