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I am so frustrated(vent)

I am so frstrated.  I don't know what is wrong with Ethan.  He is so whiney, crying alot.  This is not normal for him.  I don't know if it's his teeth or his ears.  We have an appt in a couple weeks to check his ears.  My mom thinks I should take him in b/c something isn't right.  She thinks I am the mom and I know best and who cares if the dr thinks I am crazy.  He is also the pickiest eater.  One day he will eat something the next day he won't.  I hate being frustrated with him.  I feel horrible.  Would you call the dr and have him checked out? Something just isn't right.

Re: I am so frustrated(vent)

  • I would - mostly for your piece of mind! I bet it is most likely teething. But who knows...I can't wait until they can talk! I remember Evan going through 3 weeks of h3ll a while back...where he was waking every night and really cranky during the day. It was cold and snowy out and here I was trying to push the stroller down unshoveled sidewalks because I just couldn't stand the whine/cry any longer! Maybe the ped can help you troubleshoot.

    Oh - and the picky eating thing is totally normal. I think it is just hitting at the same time as the other stuff.



  • If he's been acting off for a while, and you can't see teeth, I would go to the pedi and rule out anything else.  I've done that a few times, and they never gave me a hard time.  I've even told the doctor before that I thought it was teething, but I wanted to rule out an ear infection, just for my peace of mind.  They still get paid for that visit, you know?

    The picky eating thing is normal for his age and if he is teething, it could explain it.  When Rosie got teeth, she didn't want to eat very much because it hurt.

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  • if you think something is off, then I would call... trust your mommy gut.
  • I would call Julie. Better to get him checked out. Have you already been before is that why your hesitant to call? If it makes you feel any better we've had Teagan to the Dr's 6 times in the last month that she's been sick because they kept telling us she was fine, when she sounded HORRIBLE! I swear they probably hate us over there now, but my Mom told us the same thing your Mom told you....we're the parents and Teagan is our priority and the most important thing, who cares what the Dr's think.



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  • Like everyone else said- go for the piece of mind. I remember having days where I just wanted to cry when Justin was teething. He did not want to be put down, did not want to eat etc... I can NOT imagine being pregnant and dealing with the teething crabbies. You're superwoman! Don't feel guilty about being frustrated, it's totally normal.

    The picky eating is just a phase. Justin WAS a great eater until about a month ago. He's just like Ethan- one day he'll eat 2 plates of something, the next day he said "accck, no no" and won't touch it, won't even open his mouth or just smashes it into a pile. At least 4 nights a week he has cheerios w. milk, eggs or some other "back up" for dinner. I hear ya on being frustrated it's exhausting.

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  • I would definitely call.  I hope he feels better soon!!
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