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do you find since being a mommy your clothing choice has gone downhill?  most times I find myself gravitating towards yoga pants and sweatshirts whenever I have off of work (I work PT) - this is sad, but I can't remember the last time I wore jeans.

I watched an episode of "what not to wear" and they called it "mommy-itis" it made me LOL because I am totally like that girl on the show!

Re: Mommy "ware"

  • I don't fit into anything else but yoga pants.
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    I don't fit into anything else but yoga pants.

    You are only one month PP...I didn't fit into my jeans at that point either!  

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  • I'm the worst.  I used to be a walking ad for Banana Republic and now I can't fit into anything.  On the weekends I wear jeans and zip up sweatshirts.  Always.  And I can't find a decent pair of shoes that are comfortable and in style, and only have a small heel.  I went shoe shopping and found the cutest pair of heels...I tried them on and saw a glimmer of hope in DH's eyes.  I decided they were too impractical to wear to carry DD around in so I put them back.   
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  • Yes, I call it my uniform.  lol

    Although I do get dressed up each day to go to work, the minute I'm home, I'm in pj bottoms and a zip up top that's easier to constantly BF in.

    And on the weekends - sometimes a pair of jeans will make its way onto my body if I'm not leaving the house.  ;-)

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  • If I didn't work full time I would be in yoga pants and sweatshirts all the time. As soon as I get home from work I throw on yoga pants. If were out it's jeans and a sweater. But I haven't bought anything new in a long time. It's sad. Since being pg, I hate clothes and clothes shopping for myself. For DD on the other hand...I am addicted to baby clothes!
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  • My wardrobe got bad when i started my retail job.  We have uniform shirts.  When I had my old job my wardrobe was all name brands.  Now since being a mom I hardly ever buy myself anything since I figure Ethan needs stuff more than I do.  Plus I hate shopping for me and there is no point in having nice things since we don't go anywhere for me to wear it. I see all the heels in my closet and I don't think my feet wuld even fit into them.  I only wear tennis shoes or my clogs. 
  • As much as I love What not to Wear, it's totally impractical for me to wear "real" clothes when I'm home.  I'm not going to get all dolled up only to get yogurt all over me a few minutes later.  I wear yoga pants and comfy shirts, but I try to make them look nice.  I always do my makeup, since that's what makes me feel better.  When I leave the house, I wear nicer clothes.

    I went shopping the other day at Marshall's and bought myself a nice Calvin Klein shirt.  It felt so weird to buy something someplace other than Old Navy and spend more than $10 on a clothing item!

  • Even though I'm back to my pre-baby weight, nothing fits the same. My pants are mostly fine, but most of my shirts are too short for me now. Luckily 2 out of my 3 work days I get to wear scrubs. The days I'm home its jeans and a shirt-nothing fancy. But I definitely feel like I don't look as good in most of my clothes anymore :(
  • My daughter is 4 and a half and Im still a victim of Mommy-itis....Its just not practical for me to dress up to go grocery shopping or to Target.  Jeans and a top is what you get.  Even at work, I can wear jeans.  I dress them up with a nice top but havent worn heels since I was in a wedding.  I hate shopping for myself b/c nothing fits right.......Id rather buy Emma clothes. 
  • if I leave the house I put on jeans and a sweater, but around the house I am in sweats/yoga pants and a tshirt. i was like that before DS too... when I got home from work the first thing I did was change. My DH is the same way. I do shower every morning during nap time, and at least put on a little makeup.

    None of my pre pregnancy jeans fit right, and I don't want to spend a lot of $ on new jeans, so I have a few pair from Old Navy and Kohls, but they just aren't the same. I used to work at the gap, so I had tons of nice jeans... *sigh*, maybe they'll fit again someday! 

    I do look forward to dressing up for date night... even if it's only jeans and some cute heels or boots.

  • One of the only thing i asked for for christmas was yoga pants.. Its really all I wear most days..


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  • I normally only wear yoga pants and t-shirts.  I don't see the point of getting dressed nice to get spit up on or drooled on all day.  I do wear jeans and nicer tops when I go out.
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