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Where do I begin?

DH and I were talking last night and really think we would like to consider an international adoption for our next child.

Only problem is I have no idea where to even begin. I would love some reccomendations of books that could get me a little more information about this process.

Thank you ladies.

Re: Where do I begin?

  • I am linking to a previous post that has some good book information. Even if you do think international is where you want to go, I would still look at all options to make sure.


     If international is for you after doing some basic research, the first thing to do is choose a country. The state department's webpage http://adoption.state.gov/ has basic requirements for various countries. Once you choose a few you may be interested in, then start looking at agencies that work in those countries and find out more, and then you can make your decision from there. Although it is not possible to adopt a newborn internationally, some countries' programs have younger children available than others, so if that's something that is important, that limits your countries from the beginning and will help you narrow your focus.

  • Welcome to the board, and good luck on your adoption journey! 

    K-state touched on all the important parts.  I just added to that other post, with a little more information, but most of it's been touched upon already.

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