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If you EC, or PL at a younger than normal age, come in

I'm considering starting some kind of PL'ing with the duo.  They're pretty predictable now about when they're going to pee/poop and I'm thinking it may be a good idea to start getting them used to the potty so I don't have kids that are in diapers until they're 3+.  I'm not looking to hard-core EC or anything like that, more like introduce them to the concepts so it's not a big deal later on. 

I guess I'm just looking for stories from other people who have done this.  Also, would it be ok to just get the donut for the toilet seat and skip the training potties altogether, or does a 1 year old need the small plastic potty for some reason?  What basics tips/tricks have you learned that make PL'ing easier?


Re: If you EC, or PL at a younger than normal age, come in

  • We also do EC VERY part-time. At the very least he gets put on his potty a few minutes after waking up in the morning and after his other naps. He does well with it and uses it usually twice a day. I cue him with a pppsssss sound, though I'm not sure if that really helps him or not. We use the Baby Bjorn Little Potty, but I bought it mainly for convenience for me. I think at one a donut seat would work just fine.
  • I didn't EC at all. But I started PLing DD 14mo and she stopped pooping in diapers at 18mo and was in undies at 22mo.

    She had started pooping in the bathtub and that got old fast so I was super vigilant and when she was about to go I whisked her out of the bath and onto the potty seat (donut). I clapped and cheered when she pooped on it. She thought it was funny. So she started sitting on it before bathtime and sometimes during bathtime. And then we added first thing in the morning, before and after nap, and before bedtime. Sometimes she'd use it, sometimes not. But slowly she started telling me poopoo! and toddling for the bathroom.

    The potty seat we have has handles on it which I think helped DD feel more secure on it. I did introduce her to a little potty chair eventually, but only because she had to use one at MDO to wear underwear there and it's useful because she'll use it in the car sometimes (there's not always a toilet close by and when a toddler says they have to go, they mean NOW).

    I also think that using CDs helped her because she saw the poop getting dumped in the toilet and knew that's where it went no matter where she did it. Oh, and when you're in a public bathroom, let your kids flush the toilet so they don't get scared of that bigger flushing sound.

    You might also need potty chairs just because you have twins so they can both go at the same time.

    - Jena
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