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3D ultrasounds in NE Ohio?

With my first pregnancy, I got a 3D ultrasound at a place in Cincinnati...just wondering if there are any up here that are worth going to? 

Re: 3D ultrasounds in NE Ohio?

  • I didnt go to it but I know there is one in Cleveland called baby waves that has a couple different package options... they have a website if you want to check them out http.babywaves3d.com  Good luck!

  • One of my u/s was a 3D one at a regular doctor's office, Dr. Stewart in Akron.
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  • I also have a 3D ultrasound scheduled for Tuesday with Dr. Stewart in Akron.

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  • late response, but we used baby waves in indendence and they were really nice and they did saturday appts - we actually got ours done on the 4th of july! they were open. HTH and congrats!



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  • I know a few people who went to the Babywaves place, and enjoyed it.


  • I have an ultrasound scheduled with Dr. Stewart also- this upcoming Wed. I wasn't told and I didn't ask if it is a 3D but is that something they routinely offer? I'm at 20 weeks. Thanks!

  • I went to babywaves, it was okay, but I wasn't crazy about it.

    The other place in cleveland is 4d peek.  

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