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Help my DS won't sleep without me.

My DS teased me for a week and let me slip out of the bed and he stayed asleep as long as I was in the room. Now he is back to waking up if I move an inch. ?He will not sleep on his own. I have to take every nap with him. ?It wouldn't be so bad if I could put him in the sling but that doesn't work either. ?He wakes up at ANY noise, he has to be in a quiet room. Seriously if you drop a pin he is awake. We've tried the NCNS but we just end up with a very overtired and cranky baby, it's not worth it. ?

I'm in a wedding at the end of March, and my DH is so nervous about being alone with DS. ?He doesn't take a bottle and doesn't sleep without me... what would you do?

Re: Help my DS won't sleep without me.

  • Why doesn't you DH ever put DS to sleep? I would start designating 2-3 nights/week as daddy's nights and have him rock/lay/sing to him instead of you so DS can get used to going down with others.

    As for the quiet room, babies adjust to their surroundings. Try putting him down some nights with noise in the background like a radio. Learning the ability to fall asleep with noise will help him be able to tune out irregular sounds, but if he's always put to sleep in a quiet room he will probably startle easily.

  • Honestly...tell him to have the car gased up and ready for driving! My babies were and are the exact same way and when they are boobie babies that's not going to change very fast (usually). But you might want to start trying with some pumped BM bottles soon so your LO doesn't get super hungry while you're away. As for sleeping though, motion is the only way mine ever slept without being nursed to sleep. GL!


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  • DH does put him to sleep but DS will only sleep maybe 30 minutes then it is full out crying for Mom. ?

    As for the quiet room - we've tried music, white noise, everything doesn't work he won't sleep with anything on...? ?

    And to top it off DS hates the car, he screams bloody murder in it.

    DS is high need.?

  • I think you need to bite the bullet and let DH put him to bed. He might cry for you but he really should get used to his daddy put him to bed too. Its not fair for you to be the only one and what if something happens that requires you to be oot or heaven forbid in the hospital or something? You can feel comfortable knowing its not some stranger putting him to bed, its his dad.

    I was convinced ds wouldnt take a bottle but needed a night alone so my bf did these tricks to help and he took 7ounces from a bottle- unheard of!
    He fed him laying down in our room with the lights off because thats what I do with him for everyfeed (he is very distracted lately). Also, my bf took his shirt off so it was sort of skin-to-skin. DS took the bottle perfectly no fussing.

    It will be hard for probably a week but try to get your DH to put him down so he gets used to it. Same thing for getting up. It will take time getting used to it but if you keep getting in bed with him every time he wakes up he wont ever get used to sleeping alone. Maybe just try sitting on the edge of the bed and rubbing his tummy or softly rubbing his cheek until he falls asleep again each time he gets up?

    Just my .02 these things are worked for us but it took some time.
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  • I have a 13 month old, and we're still in that situation.  Is there any way that your husband and son could go with you for the wedding so that you wouldn't have to be away overnight?
  • imagecobaltblue:
    I have a 13 month old, and we're still in that situation.? Is there any way that your husband and son could go with you for the wedding so that you wouldn't have to be away overnight?

    Yes for sure but we are worried he won't sleep there and end up crying (loudly, he has a rep for having a really good set of lungs) and staying up all night. We're not sure what's best: DH stay home with DS or they come and we see what happens... I wish the wedding was at a hotel.?

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