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Charleston Dr recommendations

Hi all :) Just moved to Charleston and am looking for some good Ob/Gyn referrals, female preferred. We'd like to find a great baby Dr before we get too far into my pregnancy. (and a dentist and as well!) Thanks y'all!!

Re: Charleston Dr recommendations

  • Low Country OBGYN is awesome.  I go to Kate White, but know most of the doctors in the practice...Maggie Evans is one of my dear friends and is awesome (she had me go to Kate since we were friends...but I refer all of my friends to Maggie!).  Natalie Gregory is also wonderful.  Honestly, I love all the doctors in the practice!  Gene Blake is one of the midwives and is super-sweet as well.

    Their main office is in Mt. Pleasant, but they've also got a W. Ashley location, as well as a Georgetown one.

    1300 Hospital Drive
    Mt Pleasant, SC 29464-3244
    (843) 884-5133

    Don't have a good recomendation for a dentist, I'm currently looking for a new one!

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  • Also, don't know if you meant you were looking for a pediatrician as well (baby doctor?) but I love Neill Herring at Mt. Pleasant Pediatrics.  He's very much by-the-book, conservative, but I like that.  You can tell he adores kids, and is super sweet.  I have friends that go to Dr. Davis and Dr. Weaver in the practice as well.  All the doctors have slightly different philosophies, so you need to meet with them to see which one "fits" with you best, but it's a great office.
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  • Not sure what area you are looking for drs.  I live in West Ashley.  I went to Ashley Oaks Ob/Gyn and saw Dr Hargrove.  She is fabulous and very funny.  I go to Ashley river comp dental ( for my dentist and they are great.  My LO goes to Parkwood Pediatrics and sees Dr Quinn.  They also have an office on Daniel Island.  HTH!
  • Dr. Stickler at East Cooper Womens is awesome.  I live in Summerville and drive all the way to Mt Pleasant to go to her.  I have Pre E and some other complications during my pregnancy and the whole staff was wonderful.  I will never change OB/GYNs.  They are great!
  • i go to Dr Rogerson at Mt P Obgyn and love her. The doc there are all female and all of them are great. 

    In terms of dentists I love mine. Dr. Jared Slovan, google him. 

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  • I have to second laurenbug's suggestion.. Low Country OB/GYN. We were looking to buy a house in Mt. Pleasant & by luck I picked them... Dr. Lara Wilson is super nice. Turns out we bought in No. Charleston but they are worth the drive. The added bonus is we'll deliver in the brandy new East Cooper Medical Center. 
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  • I?m going to be the third to say it...I also go to LowCountry OBGYN and have seen both Dr. White and Dr. Wilson and they are both fantastic! Also, I have been going to Dr. Charles Anderson in Mount Pleasant as my dentist since I was a child and he is wonderful. Hope this helps!

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  • I love Womans Health Partners and they deliver at Summerville Medical which I also love because it is so nice and small.  They have 4 Dr's and are all great!
  • Ladies, Thanks for all the recommendations!! I've gone to both Low Country OB/GYN to see Dr. Gregory and then to MUSC Women's Center in Mt Pleasant to see Dr. Stickler. I like both offices very much, they were great recommendations! Saw Dr. Gregory a few weeks after IUD removal and all went well, but then went to Dr. Stickler about a month later and she was more proactive in wanting to see weather I cycle or not and if my hormones are in balance and actually producing. Could have been the IUD effects or something more, so she put me on progesterone to see if we could bring AF(after 2 mos of nothing). I was really happy to have a Dr. be proactive and not say "just try for a year and we'll see what happens" because my sis has PCOS so it's got me worried since I've never had a normal cycle in my life! Thanks again for all the recs, they've been so valuable!
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