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XP from PA 35: Here we go again! Anyone else?

Yep it's true, I am six weeks today!  Is any one else working on #2? Or have 2 under 2? I am a llittle scared of what we are getting ourselves into but I am also so thrilled. Nice to see all the LA moms coming out. Free PPB stuff has a way of bringing women together doesn't it?LOL
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Re: XP from PA 35: Here we go again! Anyone else?

  • Congrats on #2!  We are NOT trying for 2 under 2, lol.  I think DH would have a heart attack if I had a BFP.

    I'm also glad people are coming out.  This board is usually so dead!!  They should give away free stuff all the time!

  • congrats!!

    im with PP, my dh would die...wait. I WOULD DIE!! Again, we haven't even had sex since baby so we dont really have much to worry about yet. lol

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  • I may be pregnant with my second as we speak. I'll know more in a few days.  

    I'm nervous to have 2U2, but at the same time i'd like to just get the pregnancies over with (it wasn't so great for me) 

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