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Simplisse Breast Pump - good? Worth the hype?

Hey ladies:

I have a beautiful baby due July 2.  I'm working on the baby registry right now and am stuck on a breast pump.  I work from home, and will continue to do so once the baby is born.  So, I don't need a heavy duty pump.  However, I do want to get a pump for occasional use for when we have a babysitter, etc.  I've seen a lot of e-mails and advertisements for the simplisse breast pump.  Has anyone tried it?  Is it worth all of the hype?  I've heard that the Medela pumps are great - especially the electric ones.  I'm looking for a good pump that I can use occassionally.  If not Simplisse - does any one have any other recommendations?


Re: Simplisse Breast Pump - good? Worth the hype?

  • I'm curious to hear what people have to say about this too. :)
  • I just made this comment on another post so I'm adding my reply here as well. Also, I haven't heard of the Simplisse but do have experience with the Medela and Hygeia (based in Carlsbad) brand pumps. Here's my experience:

    Hi - I agree about the compact size and easy to carrry/take anywhere Medela Freestyle. I also agree about the suction - it's not as much as the Medela Pump In Style. I would also suggest taking a look at the Hygeia personal breast pumps - they have the same great suction as a hospital grade pump (since it has the same mechanism). It's much smaller and lightweight but the huge PLUS is that the internal battery is rechargeable so you can take your pump with you anywhere without needing a plug source - huge convenience. The pump can be removed from the bag so you can carry it with you in any diaper bag or purse of your choice. Additionally the Hygeia parts are much easier to clean - dirt and grime won't get stuck in hard to reach places like in other breastpump parts and accessories.

    They're really great overall, plus the prices are really great.

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