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I am sure I will get my answers once I go on my hospital tour but has anyone delivered at Mary Birch and know if they have a birthing tub?  I go to their website to get answers and there is really nothing there. 

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  • I went on a tour last year and I do not remember seeing any tubs at SMB. I do rememebr that there were tubs at Pomerado Hospital in Poway.
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  • No tubs at Mary Birch, just Showers...
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  • Thats why I switched to UCSD Hillcrest. I get to use a Midwife, have a free Doula and get to use their birthing center which has a bath. My first appointment was with the Women's Health Clinic and I found out that Mary Birch doesn't really have what I wanted, now my second appointment will be with the Midwives of UCSD. 
  • I know UCSD does, they have a birthing center on site. I have not toured but the virtual tour online of that and their normal L&D unit is amazing. Almost debating switching my OB so I can deliver there! (I am w/ Scripps now)
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