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New England babymoon ideas?

We live in MA...any ideas/recommendations for places to stay for a weekend or even mid-week getaway?  Obviously we're under the gun for time with 10 weeks left but I just started thinking how nice it would be to get away for a couple days.
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Re: New England babymoon ideas?

  • I'm in MA too--what about the Cape?  prices are super low off season.  Or even the Berkshires ( of B&Bs)
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  • Portsmouth, NH?
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  • if you want to travel, we go to Jackson, NH every year.....Nestlenook Farm--it's a B&B and it's great.  Go to  they also have other places to stay
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  • I'm in Providence, RI. Have you checked out Cape Cod? I've never been there in the winter (love going in the summer) but i'd think prices would be great right now plus there wouldn't be tourists everywhere. Personally, I love NYC and take any opportunity I can to go. My husband grew up there so he knows all the best places to eat and hang out. For some that's not relaxing I guess but I love it.
  • I think it would be fun to do a little ski lodge in Vermont!!
  • ditto to PP who suggested Jackson, NH... there are a million cute little B&Bs in the North Conway area, and you can do some outlet shopping while you are there :)
  • Newport (where I am right now)!  It's off-season and super cheap.  There are some gorgeous B&B/mansion type places.  There's plenty to see and do, and the shopping rocks.  Here are some suggestions for places to stay:



  • It depends on what you'd like to do while you're here... The Snowy Owl Inn in Waterville Valley is gorgeous this time of year. Its a ski lodge but they have other things in the area to do this is peak season so it might be $$. We have also spent a weekend in Rye at a little cottage on the beach... SOO peaceful! There is also the Mount Washington Resort.  Sugar Hill Inn has a Maple Sugar Adventure the weekend of March 19th  Thats all I can think of in NH right now that doesn't involve skiing, snowmobile or icefishing
  • I love Cape Cod, but it's kind of a bummer this time of year and in early spring.  What about Manchester, VT?  My parents have a 2nd house there and it's a great weekend getaway.  Lots of shopping (there are lots of antique shops but also a ton of outlets and speciality retail stores) and restaurants and really nice hotels and bed and breakfasts.  There are some historic sites like Hildene you can visit if you are into that.  I've been going there since I was a kid and love it.
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  • It's a bit of a drive, but Burlington, VT is really nice around this time of year, especially for shopping.
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