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Does anyone here watch that show??  This season they are TTC and they totally remind me of what we're going through!  The last episode her OB/GYN recommended a colonic for her...has anyone heard of this?  Would this help?

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  • I've only seen the episode where she tried to explain OPKs and got insanely annoyed and haven't watched since.

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  • I love that show....and yes, they totally remind me of my life.  They are so cute!
  • I love Guilliana and Bill.  A colonic is wehre you go in an medically get assisted in removing waste from your system.  Basically you take a really thorough poop with the help of water and a tube and a medical staff member.

    Not sure why they recommended it for TTC, I have to watch last nights, it's DVRed right now :)

  • She's a little annoying, but I do love the show. I usually miss it when it's on, but if I see it in re-runs, I try to catch it.

    I love that they are TTC right now.

    Our sweet girl is 3!

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  • I do watch and love that they are TTC right now. 
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  • They are a super cute couple! I love that they are trying to time sex and are getting all stressed out like the rest of us!
  • I totally dvr it.  Even though it's a bit cheesy sometimes, it is nice to see someone on TV going through some of the same things...
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  • I didn't see the episode, but I was looking at doing a colonic...however it's a little risky, you need to do it more than once, and you have to make sure you go to a reputable person. 

     Julia Indichova also did it in the book Inconcievable.  My DH wouldn't let me :)

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  • I love Guilianna and Bill! My favorite reality show. I just read that they are considering a surrogate because of her infertility. We'll see.
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