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The cat(s) are out of the bag....

Hi all! Now I can finally actually participate on this board, I told my Board of Directors this week- my wife is expecting TWINS!! holy moly!

She's 13w2d, feeling exhausted but fine, and I'm the one getting paranoid about everything. I'm hanging out over on the Multiples Board too, those folks are nice. Anyone here have multiples?

Thanks for all your advice and support, and now that the gag order has been removed, I'm all yours!

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Re: The cat(s) are out of the bag....

  • Congratulations!!! :)

    My DP and I have 3.5y fraternal twin boys!  They are so much fun - and so much work. You'll have a blast!  

    ThisWillBe and her partner Nevr2Amazin are expecting boy/girl twins in the next few weeks.

    In addition to checking out the multiples board here, check out your local multiples organziation in your city.  They are a great resource for connecting with other parents of multiples and often have consignment sales where you can get great deals.

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  • I'm sure the board was very excited for you! Glad you can start participating more here now :-)

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  • Congratulations! Keep us posted on how things are going.
  • Congratulations!!!
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  • Congratsd how exciting
  • Congratulations and welcome to the wild ride that is gestating and preparing for twins! It's hard to not be paranoid about everything (we certainly were, until *very* recently), but try to take some breaks from the worry to enjoy the pregnancy... especially now before your wife turns into the hormonal mess I've recently become! Wink (just kidding... mostly)
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  • Congratulations!
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  • imagethiswillbe:
    ... especially now before your wife turns into the hormonal mess I've recently become! Wink (just kidding... mostly)
    She kids you not! :) Enjoy the journey, enjoy each other, enjoy all the changes...physically and emotionally... bottom-line, JUST ENJOY, it is a wonderful journey!

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  • How wonderful! Congrats to you both. Best wishes for a happy and healthy 9 months!
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