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OK so, DW and I made an appt with an endocrinologist after our 2nd round of home insemination....oddly enough, the earliest appt we could get was on the day my period was due. So, I took a test that morning (no need for the appt if + , right?) . I got a BFN so we went to the appt. It went well and we plan to do the typical day 3 hormone testing as a starting point. Interestingly enough, I still have not gotten my period (now 2 days late, if you can even call it that). DW picked up a new pregnancy test of a different brand on her way home from work....we had the faintest line! OK so now I am afraid to get too excited, but planning to test again in 24 hrs, and maybe even again after that (DW was brilliant and bought a 3-pack). As for now, the wait is killing me!!

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  • As many like to say "a line is a line"!  You may have a late implanter in there.  If it continues to show up as positive, I would switch your CD3 u/s to bloodwork if you want that definite of a confirmation.  Good luck!


  • Late implantation definitely does happen for some!  Sounds like you're pregnant!
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  • I was in your shoes three weeks ago... It killed me to wait on blood work to come back but it does sound like your preggers.

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