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Up half the night!?

OMG.. I went to bed at midnight and DD was up at 2, 4, 6, 7:30.. so I assume we are full-blown 4-month wakeful?

I have a splitting headache, my eyes are bloodshot, and I haven't had a nap in weeks because not only is she fussy all night but she's fussy all day, so in the 2 hours that my toddler sleeps, I can't fit in a nap with the baby.

I can barely function!  How did you guys survive?

Re: Up half the night!?

  • I just made a point to go to bed when he did. If he went down at 8:30, I'd try to be asleep by 9. So, if he was awake at 2, I'd be able to have a few hours of sleep in before that. It was hard because there were things I wish I could get done once he went to bed, like a load of laundry, or doing some cleaning, but if I wanted to be at all functional at work the next day, it's what I had to do.
  • It is some sort of conspiracy going with these babies.  Bri is absolutely miserable lately, my happy, easy baby is gone.  She has been up most of the night all week.  And grumpy toddler doesn't nap.  I didn't think month 7 was going to be the hardest!!  I just don't get it.  Yesterday when we were up at 5am for the day, at 6:30 I put bri in the exersaucer in the master bath, laid down on the bed and cried for a half hour while DH was up and about.  I am just so exhausted.  I cope with lots of Mountain Dew.  The sugar and caffeine (probably not so good for Bri) give the boost I need to keep from crashing.  I've given myself something to look forward to though, preschool.  Tyler starts preschool on the 23rd, I need those 2 two hour breaks a week.
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  • OMG this post scares me.

    I'm sorry you ladies are going through this!! I was so lucky with Evan in that he never had nights like this. But...we are far from out of the woods!!!

    Hang in there!

  • I'm sorry M but yesterday I had a day like that..and since during the week I do most of the  night feedings since DH works...I feel you...I called my cousin crying and asking why I had a child...but today- he's back to being "normal"...

    I agree with PP- I would let everything go to pot and lay down when you can..and maybe consider a mother's helper (in house) or preschool- for N.. 

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  • I took the Nike slogan as my motto "Just do it"

    I just had to accept that it was just the way it was and if it was a crappy night's rest then I'd really try and go to bed early when they did (which actually helped). I also kept repeating the words of my mom in my mind "this too shall pass."  

    Also, you have to take care of yourself the best you can so you can be the best that you can for your kids, so don't worry about cleaning the house or forgoing some of your chores. It doesn't harm anyone if the toilets don't get scrubbed or the floors aren't always vacuumed. My mom always told me that no babies ever died from crying a bit. So if you have to listen to a little bit of crying to get some food in your system then do it. It is important for you to eat too. Hang in there. It does get better.

    Also as a side note (which you might have already considered, but I'll suggest it anyways) keep in mind what you are eating. It may be affecting your BM and a possible culprit in keeping your LO up. I look back now at all these sleepless nights I had with Bells and now knowing her sensitivities to food additives and dyes I wonder if what I was eating kept her up and I had no idea. 

    Good luck 

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