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All of you girls and your cruises is making me

jealous.  I want a vacation soooo badly but it's not going to happen this year.  We might go to Chicago to see his family. Next year we are going to the adirondacks and the following year we are doing the Disney cruise. I'll live vicariously through you girls for now.  Take lots of pictures.

Re: All of you girls and your cruises is making me

  • I feel the same way!

    I told DH the other day that I wanted to go on a vacation. Apparantly I say that a lot...because he said "I don't even know what to say to that anymore.....we're never going on one again" Haha!! That's what it feels like!

  • This will be the first year since I met DH that we will not be going on a big vacation.  I am sure that I will get the itch, so maybe we will do a long weekend somewhere. 
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  • me too! We usually go some place tropical this time of year, but it's just not in the budget right now... I keep telling myself we will be in a new house sooner if we save the $ and not use it for a vacation!

    We are hoping to visit my BFF in NC in the spring, and hopefully a long weekend to NOTL for our 5 year (but that's not till Sept!) We just started looking into Vegas for my 30th next Feb, and I am really excited for that!!!

  • I'm jealous, too!  We will do our annual trip to Black Lake/1000 Islands this July....our first trip with the baby!  And I'm sure we'll make it to Delaware maybe Labor Day Weekend to visit my Aunt & Uncle.  But we are planning on going back to the Caribbean (Mexico or Dominican Republic) in April 2011 with our friends...I can't wait for that!
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  • I feel the same way! Right now we can't afford any type of vacation. At most, we may drive down to Virginia or Kentucky to visit some friends and family, but that's about it for quite a while.
  • Ditto!

    We won't be seeing a vacation for a LONG time. The most I can look forward to now is a night away with Justin once we are closer to mom and dad who can take the kids for a night. 

    We might start planning a trip to Disney though for next year. We are really itching to go and take the kids. 

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