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Visiting Nashville

Hello!  My DH is going to Nashville for a conference at the end of the month and I am tagging along.  We are staying downtown, probably the Marriott, and I was wondering what I should go check out during my time alone.  Also, any restaurant recommendations?  Do they have any tours that go by country stars homes?  Any places I would be sure to see some stars?
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Re: Visiting Nashville

  • I haven't spent much time in Nashville, but my husband and I have gone to the Wildhorse Saloon there. The food was great, but more than anything it was lots of fun. They have a huge dance floor there and the night we went they had someone teaching line dancing. The woman would take breaks, but there would still be music playing and lots of people dancing. I know they have different events there different nights, but they're website has all the information: There's another restaurant my husband really likes at the Opry Mills Mall called the Aquarium Restaurant. The walls are basically huge fish tanks with all kinds of fish in them. I'm a vegetarian and couldn't find a meal on the menu, but my husband says the food is great. If you're bringing your son, it would definitely be a fun place for him. That website is: I hope that helps! Have fun in Nashville!
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