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Bedsharing when LO is sick...

LO is stuffed up... this is the first time we've had to deal with this (never been sick before) so I have no idea what to do...

It's only a stuffy nose... (really think it's teething related) but anyway... besides a humidifier do you do anything differently? I was thinking if he was in his crib I would put the wedge under his mattress so he could sleep on an angle... not sure how I could have him sleep angled safely in our bed...

Any suggestions?

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Re: Bedsharing when LO is sick...

  • I've elevated LO's head with a firm folded up blanket (not a cushy one). I also ran the humidifier with the door shut an hour before bedtime so the room air was nice and moist before we laid him down.
  • Ditto on elevating the head. My LO has only been sick once, at 10 months, and it was at the end of our bed sharing days. Since she was a bit older I felt safe putting her on a firm pillow, and she also went back to the crook of my arm/shoulder like she slept as a newborn.

    Also - we found that saline drops, in tandem with the bulb syringe, right before bed helped a lot to clear her passages before sleep. 

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  • Thanks for the suggestions!
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