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Newbie here-OB GYNs in Conejo Valley?

Hi ladies, new to the bump as DH and I finally decided to start TTC in May. 

I saw a post on this awhile back and saw only one doctor recommended in the answer. Anyone have suggestions? I so far have preconception appts. with Dr. Stacey Fine and Dr. Catherine Kim,  but I'd love input on them or others that deliver at Los Robles.TIA :)

And FYI if you're searching in the 805-I have been going to Dr. Gladys Negron for the past 4 years for regular gyno stuff, never loved her, but she was okay. I recently had an issue where I could not get a hold of her for two weeks over a simple prescription questions (she switched me from Ortho Tri-Cylcen Lo to generic-which isn't low dose- without asking/telling me!). I left messages, my pharmacy left messages,faxes, and to this day her office has never called me back. I would not recommend her to anyone, she and the staff are very unprofessional and it scared me imagining going through a pregnancy and being ignored when I called.



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Re: Newbie here-OB GYNs in Conejo Valley?

  • Hello!  I live in Ojai but make the drive to Thousand Oaks to see Dr. Poliakin.  I <3 him!  I asked 3 people for recommendations, a labor and delivery nurse and 2 friends and all of them recommended Dr Poliakin.

    He has a great U/S machine in his office and even does 3D.  It has been fun to watch my baby grow. His office is the closest OBGYN to the hospital.  They practically share a parking lot.

    Good Luck!

  • I live in Camarillo and work in Ventura (as a nurse).  I see Dr. Pattamakom.  She shares a practice with Dr. Diesfield and 2 nurse-midwives, who will actually be delivering my baby.

    A lot of my friends see Dr. Gustafson.


    Good luck choosing someone! 

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  • I've also heard great things about Poliakin. We're using him this time but I haven't met him yet. Whatever you do- stay away from Doctor Block in T.O. We lost our twins last summer at 22 weeks. It's not necessarily his fault...but still. I'd stay far away. He didn't even catch the multiples until 19 weeks and he was really insensitive.
  • I moved to moorpark 2 yrs ago, and was in the same boat as you. My obgyn is dr christin field in TO. She delivers at los robles. She delivered my friends baby last yr and said she was awesome. I am now seeing her as my ob, 1 visit so far, went well.
  • HI, I delivered with Dr Kim and she is fab. I also went to Dr Negron and understand your concerns, I did not like her at all. I would definetly suggest Dr Kim to you. GL
  • I delivered at Los Robles with Dr. Gorelick, he is awesome. Also has an U/S machine in office so that was very convenient. He has been delivering for like 30 years and was highly recommended. The best part was that even though he wasn't on call the night I delivered he came in and delivered my baby anyways. I thought that was awesome! He is in T.O. and in the medical buildings just below the hospital so if you go into labor during the day it only takes him like 30 seconds to get to the hospital. HTH
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