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Lending maternity clothes

I had lots of maternity clothes from my first baby, but since the girls were born 6 months apart, I had nothing to wear this past summer and my friend lent me all her maternity clothes (at least all the ones that fit).

What is a good way to thank her?  I want to get her some kind of thank you gift.  Either a gift for her, or her son's 1st bday is coming up this March.  Maybe a nice gift certificate for something?  I'm not sure, but I want her to know how much I really appreciated it, she saved me a small fortune plus she is truly generous for lending me the clothes.

Re: Lending maternity clothes

  • Maybe a gift card to her favorite clothing store and some flowers. I would think that since her boy is now 1yo that she must be back to her pre-pg figure and could use a little pick me up to feel good. Especially to get an outfit for the party or something.
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  • One of DH's coworkers gave me a ton of maternity clothes. ?It was so generous of her! ?I got a gift certificate for a pedicure as a thank-you. ?I'd suggest something that you know she is interested in- a giftcard for a restaurant/coffee shop, deliver flowers, a spa certificate, giftcard for a bookstore, etc. ?
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