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Rough night

The baby had nothing to do with it this time!

My pump BROKE at my 11:30pm pumping and I freaked out.  It took me like 40 minutes to pump (instead of 10) and even then it wasn't everything (enough to feed the baby, but I can tell I'm not empty - I hope the imbalance doesn't upset the baby's tummy, since it usually does).

So this morning I am dragging both kids all the way to BRU for a new pump.  I am SO mad.  I had to use it for my 4am and 8am feedings, there was barely any suction and it was awful.

Not to mention it is a Medela swing pump which is not cheap, but it is 3 years old.  Grr.  Couldn't have broken on some weekday morning!

Re: Rough night

  • Did you check to see if the little white flap (I'm not sure the real name for it) is attached completely?  Once I didn't snap that back into place after washing it completely and the suction was awful.  I thought it was broken, too, but then someone told me to check that - problem solved!  Hopefully it's easy for you!
  • No- nothing to do with the pump attachment.  The hose going out of the pump wasn't getting suction (i put the tip on my lip and it was barely pulling).

    I have had to replace the valve flap before so I knew about that.  This time the pump was just shot (the motor I gues).

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