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The Back Up Plan?

Anyone see this preview?

I can't tell if its going to be funny or if its going to be degrading and horrible. 

I would probably have to lean towards degrading and making fun of, because hollywood is pretty stinking mainstream. 

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Re: The Back Up Plan?

  • Yeah...I saw the commercial for it tonight. I joked "that's going to be me, I even hired someone to play the drum" during the homebirth clip. The girls in the room with me didn't say anything - they think I'm crazy for having a homebirth. It was awkward.
  • Just saw that tonight and I'm thinking it's going to be bad.  It doesn't look like it paints homebirth in a very good light. 
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  • I was thinking the same thing, it looks like it's trying to paint unmedicated birth as crazy and traumatic, and everyone who wants to have a baby that way as a bongo-beating hippy.  Add that to all the beer commercials about men behaving "like girls" because they were doing something other than watching football, and the ad making fun of people who compost and decline to use plastic bags, and I am pretty much afraid for the fate of Western civilization.
  • I saw it and was embarrassed; all of DHs friends were over and here I am, big as a house and planning a waterbirth...didn't make me real happy.  His friends all think he's a little nuts for "letting me" have a med-free birth.  Grrrrrrrrrrrrr....  They even gave him slack for attending our childbirth classes, like that made him a wimp or something.  Luckily, he stood up for me, but it grouched me out.

    I agree with MizMac completely - the flavor of all the commercials was that women are evil, demasculating creatures that want to castrate their husbands, and men need to defend the need for fast cars, hot chicks and cold beer.  It was insulting.

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