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Beco vs. Ergo

I have a bjorn and I'm looking into getting a beco or ergo since the bjorn is killing my back.  I'm wondering which one is more comfortable.  If it helps I'm 5'1 on the petite side.  I already have a moby which I love, but i would also like something else. 

Re: Beco vs. Ergo

  • I would suggest going somewhere (BW group or children's store) and trying them both on!

    I am also petite and the Ergo does not work for me so I have and love the Beco.  That said, I have a teeny torso so almost everything takes up my entire chest.

  • I also have a short torso, and I noticed the ergo seems pretty long.  I'm going to have to see if i can try these two out.
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  • From what I have read, the Beco seems to fit petite mamas better.  However the Ergo is apaprently more comfy for lugging aroudn a huge 2 or 3 year old.

    We have an older model Ergo from CL which is great for our toddler (we are both 5'8 and find it comfy).  We are considering getting a Beco bc it has the inner panel that holds the baby more like a Bjorn and DH Can.Not get the Ergo on by himself due to his irrational fear of droping DS (eye roll).  So the main reason I want it is for DH to be able to use it by himself if I am not around.

  • Scroll down a little. Another 5'1" woman asked about these on Saturday.
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