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push me over the edge...or pull me back!

I have been talking about getting a Beco for weeks now. (I'm sure you are all sick of hearing me!) I'm having a hard time pulling the trigger because of the cost. I'm a clearance girl...I only buy stuff on clearance, use coupons etc., so $140 just feels so wrong. Yesterday my mom said that if I agreed to let me brother and sister use it when/if they have kids (neither are pregnant), she will pay for it. But it still feels wrong to spend that much Sad

Convince me it's really worth $140...or not?

ETA: I tried to find one on clearance, sale, used etc. but they mostly about $100 and not in patterns I like. If I'm going to spend $100, I might as well spend the extra $40 and get one I really like right?

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Re: push me over the edge...or pull me back!

  • I am in your same boat (clearance girl) and if my mom was going to buy it because others would be able to use it I would totally do it!!!!
  • I'm not the one who can talk someone into being frugal when it comes to babywearing since I'm a full fledged addict and am already spending a lot of $.  But I really do believe that a good carrier is something that is worth investing $$ in.  Wouldn't you buy the best carseat for your LO even if it's expensive?  I see a good carrier as the same kind of investment.  You'll be using it for at least 2 years. You''ll probably end up using it to take your LO to museums, zoos, parks, etc. 



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  • I'd totally take your mom up on it! And I think it's definitely worth the extra $40 to get the pattern you like- you'll use it that much more often if it's your style. :)
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