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Baby still cries while bedsharing

I have been bedsharing for a few weeks now and really love to have DS with me.  We have been sleeping longer stretches 3-4 hours at a time and then in the a.m. he is up almost every hour.  But he still gets fussy and cries even though he is sleeping next to me.  I have to hold him in a certain position or sometimes am sleeping sitting up, and he is sleeping on my chest.  The past couple of nights I have actually gotten up and nursed him on the couch because he was just crying while I was trying to nurse him while lying down.  I'm not sure what is going on, but am wondering if maybe he is not comfortable lying flat or if maybe bedsharing is not the right thing for us.  Any thoughts or suggestions?
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Re: Baby still cries while bedsharing

  • he may like to be held when you feed him instead of lying next to you while nursing... If that is what he is used to.
  • He might need a burp after nursing in the side lying position, especially if he is snacking.
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  • My daughter does this... for her (not saying its for your son), she's awake and wants to get up. I had to get up with her at 4:30 this morning until 6:30. She wouldn't really nurse, but she wouldn't just go back to sleep, or even lay there comfortably.

    For her, it seems to be milestone related and she goes back to normal in a few days. Also, the earlier she goes to bed, the earlier she starts doing that. 

    No real advice, just commiseration. Good luck!

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  • At 2 months our LO didn't love just laying in bed with us. No matter what we did.

    Around 4 months he would lay there and entertain himself until we woke up but he didn't seem comfortable, especially now that he can roll both ways. We finally put a body pillow under our fitted sheet so we three could "share" a pillow and he seems much happier now. He just wants to be sitting up a bit I guess!

  • He might have a little bit of reflux - I've found that Bunny is a lot happier if his head is up on my shoulder so he's inclined a little bit.
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