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Greenville OB Recommendations?

Any input on Greenville OBs? If you could state why you recommend your OB and just tell a little about your experience I think we could all benefit!

Just a little about me: I'm looking to start TTC this summer or the next. I would like an OB that doesn't rush (during the visits or during the labor) and is open to having a doula present. Low casearean, episiotomy rates a plus! Thanks for ANY insight though. You ladies have been so helpful!


Re: Greenville OB Recommendations?

  • I hope you get some great replies to this. I'm curious as well. I went to the greenville ob/gyn located below the hospital and they had great service, but i hated to sit in the waiting room. It was awful! My husbands sister went to Highlands and i've heard some good things and some bad things...but would rather not go there (and that is just bc my husband's sister goes there...not a good reason but its Plus i've also heard they don't believe in an "easy birthing" process. from that, i mean, they are quick to do a c-sec, which is something i only want done if there's no other option. but that's just opinions i've read on other websites. I'm currently ttc#2 and am not planning on using the same ob again. so I'm also curious to hear other people opinions on this topic! i've seen that 16 people have view so us out.
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  • I use Upstate OB. They are a OB/Gyn office.  It is a group of about 6 Drs and they are great.  They had me circulate through all of them before delivery and there was only 1 I wasn't thrilled with, and that was just personality clashes.  They took their time in our visits and answered all of my crazy first pregnancy questions.  They have 2 women and 4 men,  I was a little uncomfortable seeing a guy, but you know what they made me and DH feel sooo comfortable that I might actually switch, Dr. Hood is great.  He was my delivering doctor and was very supportive and calm and so sweet during the whole thing--I was medicated.

    The nurses are also so great.  They learn your name, make you feel like you are their priority.  Also Betsy ( the ultrasound tech) is great and she was definately right about our baby girl ( I was paranoid that it was wrong, I'm a little nutty).

    We are from Va originally and I actually asked my DH when he would want to have our second becuase I would want it to be at St Francis with my Drs before moving back....Like I said I'm a little nutty. 

     Hope this helps

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  • I went to Highlands Center for Women before getting pregnant (they have both ob and gyn services) and am now pregnant and would recommend them. The staff there is really nice, friendly and helpful. You rotate doctors but ultimately get to choose the one you want.  They have been really good about calling back when I have questions, are flexible with scheduling appointments and work with both St. Francis and Greenville Hospital System. Good luck in your search!
  • I use Piedmont OB/Gyn- was overall very happy with them. I had a pretty high risk pregnancy, and I felt like they did a good job managing my health issues. By the end of my 9 months, I felt like I lived there as I was going 2x a week for NST/ultrasounds, ect!  The only thing I didn't really like was that it is busy there and at times i had to wait a long time, but other times I didn't wait very long at all.  I mainly saw the male docs b/c they seem to do high risk more than the others, but I saw them all during my pregnancy.
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  • If you will be a low-risk pregnancy (i.e. a normal pregnancy), you might consider a family physician who practices rather than an OB.  They usually have the lowest rates of interventions. 

    I personally like W. Keith Stafford at Cornerstone Family Medicine.  If your insurance doesn't cover him or you prefer an OB, my second favorite to work with (I'm a doula) is Greer OB. 

    It is fantastic that you're already thinking through these questions!  Good luck!

  • Thanks so much for the recommendations! Extremely helpful. I am visiting Suzan Alexander a midwife at Village Center for Women soon.
  • Suzan is wonderful!!!!  Did you know that the Village Hospital is closing their L&D floor this summer?  Very very sad.  It was a great place to birth.

    Suzan will still serve women but at Spartanburg Regional. 

  • I am going to Suzan right now.  She is wonderful, you will love her.  We are due in Sept. and just heard about the Village Hospital closing.  We haven't decided yet if we want to go to Spartanburg since that is over an hour from our house.  I really don't want to leave Suzan or the Village Center for women since I love it there.
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    We haven't decided yet if we want to go to Spartanburg since that is over an hour from our house.  I really don't want to leave Suzan or the Village Center for women since I love it there.

    In my experience, birth with Cornerstone Family Medicine at Greer Memorial is comparable.  And it is single-practice so you know who will attend your birth.  If you're wanting a low-key, low intervention environment, it might be a good plan to switch. 

  • I go to Highlands and love it.  My doc I Laura Lebel and I will not ever change unless she were to move.  My 1st delivery was very easy with them and I will be delivering again in July.  My doc is very big doing things easier,  perineal massages, not jumping to c-sections, etc. 
  • Not sure if you found one or not, but Dr. Rebecca Keith at Carolina Womens' Health is WONDERFUL!
  • I love Dr. Moore at Piedmont OB/GYN.  They have two offices.  One on Hwy 14 and the other at the doctors offices at gGreenville Memorial.  The only thing about them is that when your pregnant you have to work wiith all the doctors.  I meet with a lot of them and you don;t know who it will be on delivery day.  Moore is my favorite.
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  • I go to Piedmont OBGYN. I like them. I went to their Hwy 14 office. LOVED the nurses there and I dont feel like I ever waited very long at all with either of my pregnancies. Drs Twedt, Dubose, and Keller are my favorites. I was a little put out with them this pregnancy because about half the doctors encouraged me trying a Vbac and the other half kept giving me risk factors. It was annoying. Turned out I had pre-eclampsia at my 38 week appointment and one of the nurses was so kind to me when I burst into tears realizing I could not have a vbac. Dr. Cook was not the best dealing with me. He didnt understand my aversion to a repeat c-s and seemed kind of put out with me and all my questions. Maybe he is just used to people not questioning the doctor!

    But overall, I'd rec Piedmont!

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