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My friend is a total rockstar. T&P please!

Water broke at 5pm Wednesday.  Contractions were all over the place, nothing consistent.  She walked all day long yesterday, still no baby.  (She's having an HBAC.)

Early this morning, everything started picking up ... Hardcore contractions.  She's been pushing for 3+ hours.  Baby's still sounding good, but I know that she's tired.  This is her last baby, her last birth.  She had a terrible section the first time.  Send some T&P this way, please!  She's apparently doing great, but I only pushed a few times with both of my boys, so I can't imagine.

Re: My friend is a total rockstar. T&P please!

  • Pushing vibes sent!
  • Damn!  I pushed for over two WITH a epi! 

    Please keep us updated?

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  • Pushing prayers for that mama are on their way!  You're right, she is a rockstar!!
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  • Holy Camoly that's a lot of work!  I hope by the time this posts- she's delivered!  Prayers out!


  • Holy smokes! I pushed for 45 minutes and it felt like three hours! I can't IMAGINE what pushing for 3 hours would feel like! She IS a rockstar!!! Hope she and baby are doing well, and she's happily holding him/her in her arms!
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  • I pushed for 3 hours with DS, and I only consent to do it again because the chances of my having to push for that long again are very low.  After a days-long labor and probably no sleep, she's seriously a rockstar!!

  • Still no baby, but she's pretty close.  Doula says that they can see a head full of hair ... They had her get out of the tub and into bed for a bit to try to get his head to move past her pelvic bone, so hopefully things start picking up!

    Thanks ladies!  This is quite possibly the longest pushing phase I've ever heard of ... 5+ hours and counting.  I'm so glad she's at home.  If she were at a hospital, she would've had a section yesterday.

  • Thinking of her!  My SIL's sister just had an HBAC last week and I was so proud of her!  I hope everything turns out beautifully for your friend.
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  • They ended up transferring her.  A friend was there ... she said that Momma was way too stressed, dilation was reversing and baby was moving back up the birth canal because of the amount of stress in the room.  She apparently had quite the audience, too, which probably didn't help the situation at all.

    My heart is breaking for her.

  • Thanks for the update- I've been praying for her all afternoon, afraid this was where it was going- I have never heard of someone working that hard for that long and not winding up needing some assist... poor her!!  I am still praying for one more update ... that the rest of the delivery goes well, baby is OK and mom gets some rest and lots of TLC.

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