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? for the food sensitivity folks

If your LO had a skin reaction to a food, where was it and what did it look like? If it was in the diaper area, did diaper cream help or no because it is an internal problem?

DS isn't on solids, he is still refusing them. DH and I both have food allergies and are working with our doctor but not pushing it. The doc told us to add some whole milk to the bm bottles. We started that Tuesday. DS pooped for the first time since then yesterday. DH changed it before I got home from work.

A few hours later, he had another very small poop. When I went to change him, he had a bunch of red spots, it almost look polka dotted, on his testicles, butt, and upper thigh within the diaper. DH had put Triple Paste on him when he changed him earlier and he looked fine at the time. This looked awful. I Triple Pasted him but when I changed him for bed, it was no better. I Triple Pasted him again for the night. We were going to stop the whole milk today and call the pedi but DH said it is almost gone this morning. We are thinking if it is a sensitivity, it wouldn't have gone away.

If you have any experience with this, what was your experience?

Re: ? for the food sensitivity folks

  • My girls got diaper rashes and eczema on their faces and arms. 

    Diaper cream helped but the best thing was letting them be bare bottomed for a while. 

  • J's ecezma hasn't spread to his diaper area (yet).  If he's ever a bit red though we usually put zinc oxcide on it.  The dermatologist we went to said that almost every diaper rash creme has several additives in it and we'd be better off just using plain zinc oxcide. 

    I think if he had an allergy that you'd see more of it and it wouldn't go away so quickly.  Could you cut the cow's milk for a few days and then re-introduce?  if you get the same reaction again then maybe the milk is the culprit. 

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  • We had similar issues. When it was just dairy, Ari would just be red around his anus. After we cleared up that issue & the new allergies came on a few months later, he would get really red spots every time he pooped. He also had a few spots with little bumps here & there. Airing out & some cream would calm it down temporarily, but it would come right back.

    As we've taken items away little by little, we've been able to see how one item affected his skin vs. another. It seems like soy & dairy caused more diaper rash issues. Soy caused bright red facial rashes, dairy caused more broken blood vessels & dark circles under his eyes. Wheat caused general eczema. 

    HTH. I would cut out the milk for a week, then reintroduce a small amount & see how he does. Gradually increase the amount if he does okay, b/c sometimes these things are dose dependent.

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  • Lily got little spots all over her face (before testing for dairy, I just thought it was baby acne). Also, she would get diaper rash that nothing would get rid of, and it didn't matter how quickly we changed her diaper. The Dr even prescribed Nystatin b/c she thought it was a yeast infection- that helped a little, but still didn't clear it up. It cleared up on its own when I went dairy free.
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