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Dying a woven sling

Can it be done?  I got a beautiful maya ring sling on spot's.   It's hardly been used and the fabric is very vibrant... but it's red/multi and just not my style.  Can I dye it a solid color?  What dye would you recommend? I don't want to mess up the integrity of the sling by using something too harsh.


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Re: Dying a woven sling

  • I haven't dyed a woven (because I don't have one) but I'm dying some CDs and Fiber Reactive Procion dye was recommended. I ordered this week so I should be dying this weekend.  I'll let you know how it goes :)

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  • Dye is not paint- it's transparent- so if your sling is striped- it will still be striped, but the colors will all be muted to the shade of the dye... sometimes its a pretty effect and sometimes it's dang awful.  Dye removers are not usually 100% effective and they also can hurt the fiber- shortening the life of the garment.  Also, some dyes, especially the darker ones, will continue to leech out their color for a long time after dying - so they may stain your other laundry in the wash or even stain your/baby's t-shirt if you sweat inside your sling. I always consider a hand dyed item a "hand wash seperate"
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