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Does this count? (BLW related)

So, DD and I agree that purees are not for us.  She thinks they are boring and I think they are either expensive or a PITA.  So, since she is six and a half months old, I figure I should probably get around to introducing something other than breastmilk.  So, I've been taking our food, forking it into little chunks and plopping it on her high chair tray.  She plays with it, but doesn't pick it up and put it in her mouth.  She does love sucking on her spoon, though.  So, I have been putting some food onto her spoon and then she sticks it in her mouth. 

Is this BLW or do I need to be giving her big chunks of food that she gums apart into smaller hunks for it to be categorized as BLW?

Re: Does this count? (BLW related)

  • If she is in control of what goes into her mouth and you're offering table food, then it is BLW. It's not really about the form that the table food is in, although at her age she might have an easier time with food in "stick" shapes so she can grip the "handle" of the food.

    My DS didn't really start much to his mouth until 7.5 or 8 months and he didn't start eating measurable amounts until 9 months.  Just keep offering and she'll get the hang of it in her own time.  :-)

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  • I agree with the PP - anything your LO has control over counts as BLW.  Though honestly I would worry less about the label and more about doing what works for you and your DD and it sounds like you've found that!  Glad you're both enjoying the first foray into solids.
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