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I've been looking around this site and there are quite a few photographers on here but I don't see the one I used so I want to say a little something about her.  I was researching baby photographers for a long while - didn't do maternity photos (although now I wish I had) and I found Felle.  Her prices were lower than almost all the photographers of her skill level and I absolutely loved her work so I made the investment and had her come over to my home.  She doesn't charge extra to do that - which I LOVED.  

 The photos were so beautiful and I mean BEAUTIFUL - and not just because I'm madly in love with my son (which I am!) but I got the coffee table book because there were so many choices and I love it so much I can't even tell you.  

 I'm not one to gripe on the web when I've had bad service but I am one to tell everyone I know when I've found a treasure! 

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