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after your teeth become un-numb do they hurt?

I am getting the feeling back in my teeth that had fillings done today and they freakin hurt! Does this happen to anyone else???

Re: after your teeth become un-numb do they hurt?

  • Every time.
  • yes. I take 3 advil before I even leave the dentist's office
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  • imageGina418:
    Every time.

    glad it's "normal"

  • It did after my root canal, but not after the crown.  (Well by the time they put the crown in, the nerve was dead, so nothing to hurt I guess.)  It's been a while since I got a plain old filling.
  • Yes. Happens almost every time. It really depends on the location of the tooth, though. My molars will hurt for up to 3 weeks after a filling, and sometimes it won't even be hurting where the actual work was done--it hurts on the top part of my jaw if it was the bottom, etc. A dentist told me this can happen and so long as it goes away, it's fine.

    Another problem I had recently was my bite was off bigtime. You know how the dentist asks "Does it feel OK?" after you've just gotten filled and you're still numb? How in the world are you supposed to answer that? I ended up going back about a week after to have the filling shaved down a little bit because my bite was way off. It was hurting so badly I was waking up in the middle of the night from the pain. Ouch!

    You can take Tylenol or Motrin for the pain. If it isn't handled with those meds, call your dentist and ask for something stronger. 

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