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how much does your local montessori school cost?

I was told by someone that one near here is around $20K a year.  that's gotta be some fluffed info, right?  nyc area. 

Re: how much does your local montessori school cost?

  • For nyc and Montessori, not fluffed.  It's $$$.

  • I live in a low cost of living and i believe the preschool,prek is about 5k(this does not account for registration,supply fees).  It goes up as they get older. I think elementary is around 6k, middle is 8k.   
  • The one that I looked into is  a little over 7k/year.  That is for five days/week, three hour days.  There is another one in the area that is just slightly less for the same amount of time.  Both schools only offer 5 days/week, no less.

    20k is ca-raaazy!

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  • Doesn't surprise me at all for NYC. We live in a much lower COL area though: 

    Full-day preschool is about $7,000/year

    Half-day preschool is roughly $3,000/year

    Elementary school is right around $5,000/year


    I have, however, noticed that Montessori schools can really vary in price even in one area. We only have one in our town, but if I was to drive 50 miles I'd have my choice of several schools and some of them are MUCH more than the prices I've listed. 

  • oops almost forgot - when I checked into it, for preschool it was about 3k a semester.
  • I am in Canada, but for preschool/kinder and depending on full day/half days between like $400-$700/month.
  • I pay $165/week for DS to go from 8:30 to 3:30 five days a week.  I pay $104/week for DD to go from 8:30 to 12:30 five days a week. 

    I think it comes out to $5-$7k/year, but that includes summer camp there too.

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  • dd goes to a different preschool in the area (not in manhattan) .. it's $7400 / year for full time.  ... but $20K. eeek.  I have heard of some of the private schools in the area being up there.
  • The ones in our area run about $3500-8000 per year, depending on how many days a week you have them in. For full-day, it can be upwards of $15,000/year.
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  • We are in a low COL area.  Next year DS will be in early childhood and it will be a little over 5K/yr for M-F 8:15-3. 
  • If it's in Manhattan I'd easily believe it.  I haven't found f/t preschool for less than 20K in my neighborhood (Morningside/W Harlem border).  DHs graduate adviser is spending 35K for middle school!
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  • $5-20/k
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