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Eve's 1 year photos... LIP

They got all out of order when I downloaded them off the website.. so some are like edits of the same photos.. but you get the idea..

We had a REALLY good experience with JCPenney.. We had a great photographer, Eve really liked her, we got to do 2 outfits.. and there was hardly a bad pic in the bunch..There were a couple that she just deleted so we didn't even see them, but I thought that 30 photos to choose from was pretty good!

Melissa & Jeff 5-27-06
m/c 1/2/08 and 3/12/08
Eve Amelia- Born 2/24/09. 6lb 9.9oz
Natalie Ruth - Born 6/13/11 7lb 6.6oz
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Re: Eve's 1 year photos... LIP

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