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Ethan's in disposable dipes :(

I don't know what I am doing wrong.  Cloth diaper babies aren't supposed to get diaper rash and ethan's bum is all red again with little bumps.  I don't know if it's a rash or an allergic reaction to a new diaper cream I tried.  I feel so bad.  Yesterday we were at target and he pooped and then he screamed.  I decided just to buy a pack of diapers and lather him up with desitin and hope it clears up. 

Re: Ethan's in disposable dipes :(

  • I'm sorry.  a couple days in disposables won't kill him though, i promise..

    More than likely, it was actually his own poop that gave him the rash.. not anything in the diapers or cream..
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  • Welcome to the dark side :)

    JK. In all seriousness- you're not doing anything wrong, Justin gets random rashes too.

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  • Charlie gets diaper rashes in cloth sometimes. I let him air out as much as possible or get liners and lather him up. I hope it goes away soon!
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  • First, when I did my research about cloth diapers, all the resources said that the instance of diaper rash is EQAUL in cloth vs. disposable.  So you aren't doing anything wrong with cloth diapers!!  But a few days in GOOD disposables wont hurt either.  My friend who cloth diapered her two kids said that when they would get diaper rash, she would buy Pampers cruisers one size too big then keep them out of pants and snap shirts for a few days and it always cleared them up.  So that was her secret.

    Also acidic foods, like oranges or other citris fruits, also contribute to diaper rash.  Neither of my kids has every had diaper rash, so maybe I could share my diapering/cleaning methods??  We use pampers cruisers and unscented soft cloth wipes.  I only wipe when there is poo, never wipe for just urine.  My kids each get a bath daily before bed.  But they only get soap on the third day for Bri, every other day for Ty.  He is just dirtier.  Never use scented or antibacterial soap on private parts, it throws of the natural flora balance, I got that from my gyn.  After bath time, I always make sure their skin is dried completely before putting on a diaper.  With even the tiniest bit of redness, I put on a thin layer of diaper A&D on before bed and for long car trips.  Don't know if that helps.  But definitely see a doctor if it doesn't clear up after a week or so.  Oh, the little boy I used to babysit used to get bad diaper rash.  Their pedi had a 'diaper rash specialist', whatever that means, at their office.  He gave her a list of diapers to use and not to use.  All I remember is most generics, like the Target diapers she was using, was on the do NO use list.  She switched to Pampers Baby Dry, apparently he was a huge Pampers supporter.  I don't remember him getting any more serious diaper rashes after she made the switch.

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