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PCOS girls...

I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 19. The diagnosis was based off of FSH LH levels, and long, sometimes absent cycles. I went on BC and after a few years ended up going off, with pretty "regular" cycles.

DH and I have just started actively trying, and this is my first good month of solid charting. I am very meticulous about temping, I use an alarm and dont talk or get up before I temp. I believe these temps to be pretty acurate, although I am going to try vaginal temping next cycle.  I intend to chart a few more cycles to see if my wacky temps continue, before showing my charts to my ob/gyn.

My questions (finally Confused ) are; if you have a diagnosis, what was it based on? How long after charting, or trying did you find out? And how long after your diagnosis did your physician wait before you had some sort of medical intervention? What was that intervention?

Thats all! TIA!

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Re: PCOS girls...

  • Diagnosed last week.

    Based on ultrasound, bloodwork, and physical symptoms.

    Was TTC for 16 cycles before diagnosis.

    We are waiting to treat it next cycle. We discussed metformin and progesterone as a possibility for tx.

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  • Diagnosed in September 2008. We had been trying for 10 months (5 cycles)

    Diagnosis was based on blood work, cycle length and an ultra sound to see my jacked ovaries.

    I was diagnosed 9/2008, started Metformin 10/2008, Did 5 rounds of Clomid throughout 2009 and am now on injections and iui.


    Good luck 

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  • I was diagnosed 06/09. It was based on bloodwork, ultrasound (which show the cysts) and also no ovulation plus irregular periods.

    I found out after we started ttc and I started charting and notice I wasn't ovulating after several months of being off the pill.

    My RE started me on clomid the month after my dx, but since it gave me a major cyst, he switched me to femara.

  • I, too, was diagnosed before TTC. I went to the doctor because of symptoms, but also had an ultrasound and lots of bloodwork. If your next chart does not show ovulation, talk to your doc.
  • Diagnosed sometime in '03 (it's in my siggy). Mine was based on no period for a year, presence of annoying facial hair, and my OB felt cysts on my ovaries. I had no been TTC at the time, but I went because AF had been MIA. I went on BCP for a while (5 or 6 years) and came off and went to a new OB who did the full workup for PCOS with b/w and everything to confirm the diagnosis. She let me go 1 annovulatory cycle (65 days or so) then put me on Clomid. It's been about 6 months that we've been actively trying now. I see tomorrow if the Clomid sure feels like it did.
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  • My doc is leaning towards a PCOS dx based on ultrasound and irregular cycles. She is waiting on blood work to absolutely confirm.

    We have discussed adding metformin. 

    I got off BCP 9/09, and have had one period on my own since. It looks like I did ovulate this cycle, just really late. 

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  • I was diagnosed last month after TTC for a year with looooooong annovulatory cycles. My diagnosis was based on my symptoms and an US of my ovaries. I am about to start my second cycle of Clomid.
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  • I was dx when I stopped taking BC and AF never showed up. My history also involved never starting a cycle until I was put on BC. An internal u/s confirmed.

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  • image**Papps**:
    I don't have PCOS, but I wanted to wish you GL TTC. There will be a bunch more ladies diagnosed with PCOS on tomorrow if you want to try then  :)

    Thank you for your kind words papps :)

    And thank you to the rest of the ladies who shared your experience with PCOS and TTC. I wish you all GL and lotsa babydust!

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