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Non clicky poll re: POAS

Please tell me I'm not an idiot (or go ahead and tell me I am, but at least validate me while you are) for being tempted to POAS tomorrow morning (CD8).  I have absolutely no logical reason to do it, but I've got a pack full of sticks and no discipline...

What's the earliest you've ever tested?

Re: Non clicky poll re: POAS

  • 7 dpo b/c I had internet cheapies.  When I got my bfp, I thought I saw something at 9 dpo, and got the clear positive at 10 dpo.
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  • The earliest I ever POAS was 10 DPO.  I am not an early-POAS pusher because the cycle I got my BFP I had BFN's at 11 and 14 (the day AF was due) DPO.  I didn't test on day 15 and got a BFP at 16 DPO. 
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  • I saw something on the evening of 8 dpo, but confirmed on 9dpo and 10 dpo. Oh, and 13 dpo (because I still couldn't believe it).
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  • Do not pee on anything for at least 6 more days.
  • No one likes to see a negative (except a hooker Stick out tongue)

    Don't do it!

  • I got a positive at 11DPO.  I had to restrain myself before that(actually DH took the two tests I had and hid them).  We actually went out that day & found that Wal-Mart had a sale on digital tests.  We bought two boxes of 5 thinking we would be trying for a few more cycles at least.  I should have returned them, but oh no...I peed on every one of them!  It's a thrill seeing PREGNANT pop up!
  • It's not a one-week-wait.

    It's called a 2ww for a reason.

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  • I actually got my BFP this time around at 8 dpo and it wasn't even first morning urine.  But, with DD, I tested negative at 8, 10, and 12 dpo and didn't get a BFP until 13 dpo.  It depends on when implantation occured if you are pregnant so it's not totally crazy to test this early if you have lots of tests around.  Good luck!
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