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Hey scrappy/crafty types!

I've thinking about organizing something, and wanted to see what kind of response I get... let me know!

I want to host a swap meet and invite anyone (you guys!) to sell stuff. I'll open it up to my FB list, advertise it on CL, and ask participants to talk it up as well. It will be centrally located in Concord. I'll "charge" 10% of your sales for running the sale and doing the work; you'd get the rest of the money.

It's a chance to clear out some excess craft stuff and get new stuff at awesome prices! My old scrapping club used to do this a couple times a year, and I always made some good money and found some good deals as well... I have *tons* to sell, and would rather not deal with eBay.

What do you you all think? Would you sell, shop or both?

Re: Hey scrappy/crafty types!

  • I'm totally into it!

    I'd love it if it was after February, though!!!


  • hmmm. do those itilian charms count? id be in!
  • I'd be interested so long as it's crafty! I'm not a big scrapper:)
  • I would LOVE that. I would buy if not sell some scrap stuff.
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