2nd Trimester

OMG - threw up and throat is BURNING

Like seriously burning.  It was burning coming up and now it won't go away.  I'm pretty sure it's stomach acid that caused it.  I've never felt burning like this though. Uh. 

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Re: OMG - threw up and throat is BURNING

  • I'm sorry, I know the feeling!  It is definitely stomach acid causing it, as well as what you ate.  Do you have any Zantac?  If not, try drinking some milk to calm your throat and esophagus.  Hope that helps!


  • Been there and the time it hurt my throat, my ears hurt so bad too from the exertion. It felt like I had strep throat after. So awful. Feel better. Nothing I tried worked.
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  • The only thing that temporarily made me feel better with this was when I drank hot tea with honey.  Goodluck, ugh!
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