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What's the point of crib bedding sets?

If all you are supposed to have inside the crib is a sheet, what's the point of an entire bedding set?  Decoration?

Re: What's the point of crib bedding sets?

  • Yup! you got it. Decoration. They are cute and easily spruce up a nursery to look like just that... a nursery. Family & friends will coo & awe at it all. But when that baby's head hits the hay - all they need is that crib sheet.
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  • Yep. I cheaped out and just got a crib skirt and sheets.
  • Decoration, but in general they are really not that important. I like ours because I got it for $40 new on ebay when it usually costs $200, but I wouldn't really spend a lot on it and think the emphasis on how "girly" or "boyish" they are is kind of silly.

    Ours may be considered girly, but if this baby is a boy, too bad, he's going to use the stuff we have. :)


  • Decoration and it costs more to buy a set than just a sheet. Of course they're going to try and market the more expensive, they want to convince you that you HAVE to have it.
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  • The point is to play on your tendency to coo over cute things and try to sell you on things you don't need and charge you an arm and a leg for it.


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  • The baby industry banks on the fact that you are emotional and excited for baby...so they make sets that are unneeded, poor quality and over priced.

    There is no need for anything but the sheets. The rest is pure deocrational.



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  • To make Mama happy :) 

  • Waste of money. Could of bought another great stroller for what I spent on my sons bedding. This time I got a 6 piece set from BRU that was 150 for $ 50 because it was discontinued. In a matter of 3 months you are just left with the sheet and skirt anyway.
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  • Ok, answers that question, thanks ladies!  I think I'll just have MIL make a bedskirt-type-thingy that matches the curtains, and that way I can hide stuff under the crib.  Just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything important.  Gotta love the commercialism of the baby industry, lol.
  • Eh, well, we use a bumper & skirt too, so YOU may not want anything but a sheet, but we do. We used a bumper with DD (gasp!) and it helped a lot, and the skirt helps hide the ugly black coils the mattress sits on. Also, DD is now using a comforter, so it DOES get used eventually.

    FWIW, I would never spend hundreds of dollars though. We got DS's for $50. I couldn't buy separates for that.

  • I was wondering this, too, so thanks for the answers everyone.

    I got 6 cotton-knit fitted crib sheets at Ikea this weekend--four in white and two in green. Cost about $15 and I'm all set as far as bedding. I can throw some stuffed animals or blankets in there if I want to up the cute factor, otherwise, not bothering. I'd rather spend money on baby clothes or books or something the baby will actually need/use at some point.

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